Gio's Restaurant

About our food

Authentic local produce for contemporary tastes.

At Gio’s Restaurant, we aim to enhance every element of your dining experience, from the bread baked fresh every morning, to the final flourishes performed at the table. Our menus are dynamic, featuring a variety of classic Italian and Venetian dishes, eloquently reworked with disruptive elements. Fresh, simple ingredients – expertly sourced and imaginatively prepared.

Wine Selection

by our Wine Manager Miriam Quartesan

Gio's Terrace

A truly enchanting terrace on the Grand Canal, where memories await to be made.

Extending out into the water, the Terrace is an exceptional spot for a social aperitivo with friends, or romantic alfresco dining by candlelight. From uplifting breakfasts at sunrise, to dreamy sunset suppers.

Executive Chef Giuseppe Ricci

Giuseppe Ricci, born in 1985 in Vieste, began his culinary journey in haute cuisine with varying levels of initial enthusiasm. His career took a significant leap forward with an international opportunity in London, where he refined his skills under the guidance of a distinguished sous chef. There, he gained extensive knowledge in ingredient selection and quality, shaping a distinct culinary vision that harmonizes aesthetics with substance. Giuseppe is renowned for his personal culinary style, distinguished by elegance and intense flavors. At Gio’s, his culinary philosophy revolves around sourcing the finest local ingredients, creating dining experiences that authentically capture the essence of Venetian cuisine and its surroundings.

Restaurant Manager Enrico Pagnotta

Enrico, originally from Piedmont, a renowned culinary and wine region, comes from the Michelin-starred restaurant Oro in Venice, where he was the Restaurant Manager. He began his career in London, working in hotels and independent restaurants like Hakkasan. Seeking international experience, Enrico moved to Asia and managed restaurant operations in Kuala Lumpur. He is known for his warm attitude, hands-on approach, and a strong understanding of the local market, aiming to grow professionally.

Wine Manager Miriam Quartesan

With remarkable expertise in the world of wine, Miriam's passion, enthusiasm, and deep respect for viniculture shine through in every interaction. Join us at Gio's Restaurant for an exquisite wine experience curated by Miriam, where her dedication to quality and knowledge ensures each sip is a journey of taste and sophistication.